The Michael Rayner Show
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Everybody loves the Michael Rayner show.

Aaron Shure - Executive Producer - Everybody Loves Raymond/The Office


The best way to sum up Michael's comedy is 'unpredictably funny.' Not only

does he do amazing things with simple household objects, Michael is just a

genuinely comical guy, without even trying. Even offstage, you can't keep a

straight face when he's around.

Cory Edwards - Comedian, Director - "Hoodwinked"


"Michael Rayner strides on stage toting a grocery bag of everyday objects, and in collaboration with the live audience; proceeds to create a swirling storm of hilarious fun! Recommended."

Joel Hodgson - Creator of “Mystery Science Theatre 3000”


"Michael Rayner combines wry humor with the hilarity of clowning and juggling stunts, and delivers a performance that will leave children and adults alike with jaws dropped in amazement, and their sides splitting from laughing."

Mike O’Malley - Actor - Yes Dear


"Quick, versatile, and funny, funny, funny, Michael Rayner is one of my favorite live performers."

Karey Kirkpatrick - Director - Over the Hedge


Just to say again, Michael, how fab your show was last night - and no doubt is being so again this very evening.  I really don't remember laughing so much in the theatre for a long time.  Both Nigel Anthony and I were amazed at your preposterous brilliance.  Your unique combo of stand up and whacky jugglement is quite wonderful.

Martin Jarvis - Actor - Titanic


"Michael killed when he did our synagogue's annual dinner. He kept the audience laughing and involved for over an hour-- not an easy task when you consider that one of his showstopping routine centers around a cheeseburger."  (He replaced the cheeseburger with a bagel.)

Jeff Astrof - Co-Executive Producer - The New Adventures of Old Christine


One of the funniest guys I’ve had the pleasure to see perform in the past few years is Michael Rayner.  Michael mixes very unique and original physical comedy with a quick witted improv banter with his audience to provide a truly entertaining and hilarious show.  He’s easy to work with.  His comedy is completely clean.  He’s able to make people bust a gut laughing no matter if they’re 7 or 70 years old.  We’ve enjoyed his gigs at several different events and settings here at Bel Air, and each time, he’s knocked it out of the park.  I wouldn’t hesitate to invite him back, or go see him wherever he’s booked.

Roger Dermody - Executive Pastor, Bel Air Presbyterian church


"The amount of fun, funny, commitment and talent that Michael Rayner brings to every show is beyond compare. Whether it's at a Hollywood television taping, a midnight show for adults or a backyard party for children, Michael never fails- always hilarious, always daring and edgy and most of all, the best to work with offstage."

Craig Anton - Actor/Comedian - Phil of the Future - Mad TV


Rayner's aberrant behavior leaves us wondering if he has simply stumbled on a littered stage of unwanted garden equipment, fast food and junk store treasures and is making the whole act up as he's going along.

Rob Zabrecky - Actor/Magician/Rocker - Possum Dixon -  Room 401


GO SUMMER CAMP AT SACRED FOOLS The late-night shows change every week, but if Fun Time With Quirk & Rayner is an accurate indication of the standard, the rest of the run is worth a visit. Magician, mind-reader and charlatan Rob Zabrecky opened the evening, with the appearance and temperament of your local undertaker. Droll comedian Moira Quirk followed with a slide show about her two kids with hubby -- and main act -- Michael Rayner, whose oddity is a source of self-respect. (SLM). Sacred Fools Theater,  Heliotrope Dr.,   LA WEEKLY - Stephen Leigh Morris

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